Microbial Diversity

Vivid probiotics

Real fermentation vinegar


Our vinegars are real fermentation vinegars mady by the company Hyma-Laya from Kaufbeuren.


We place great value on traditional production methods:


  1. Step: Making wine: Grapes, fruits or herbs are fermented to wine
  2. Step: after 6 – 12 weeks vinegar mother bacteria are formed
  3. Step: after 8 – 11 months the alcohol is completely fermented to vinegar
  4. Step: maturation in oak barrels for 8 – 18 months (18 only apple vinegar after balsamic -art)


The genuine fermentation vinegar is not heated and only filtered to a maximum rough, is usually naturally cloudy and has so-called “streaks” (residues of the vinegar mother bacteria).


Young vinegar (up to 3 years old) may be able to re-ferment at temperatures above 22 ° C. Always keep the bottle slightly open.


Although this method is by far the most longsome and extensive, but at the same time by far the best method to get high quality vivid vinegar. Only then can genuine fermentation vinegar unfold its full power!

  • apple cider vinegar
  • fennel vinegar
  • dandelion vinegar
  • sage vinegar
  • cowslips vinegar
  • thyme vinegar
  • wild garlic vinegar
  • red wine vinegar
  • Diptam-Elexir
  • AMC-Regulat (Apple cider vinegar with nutmeg, turmeric and saffron)
Phase 4 of SophiaMed Concept

The reorganization of all microbiomes and expansions of germ bodies in the environment, in the patient’s environment and in the body with reduction of the pathogenicity of germs and support of the growth of living germs.


This happens mainly by loosening the emotional-mental background of the dissipative structures and in the subsequent dialogue with the organs and our immune cells, as well as the restoration of communication via standing waves by frequency means or the mirror method described later in more detail.