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Our toolbox

For packing

Aluminum box with foam inlays

Metal box including 3 foam inserts.

For storing a maximum of 24 frequency chord ampoules. Shielding aluminum box.

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Cotton bag

For inhalation of essential oils

Cotton bag filled with natural, only water washed sheep wool from controlled organic animal husbandry (healing wool).
Every day put 1 drop of essential oil(s) in the opened bag on the healing wool, then close the bag. Place the sachet close to hand. The natural volatility of the oil does the rest.

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Set consisting of:

1x empty blue glass bottle 30ml
1x cap matching the bottle with spring-loaded spray mechanism.


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Wandtafeln und Flyer

To make it a little more beautiful

Wallboard ImmuneSymbiosis Graphic

Hard foam board in DIN A2 format, with imprint and varnish.

Original graphic from the book “My germs are me”.



594 mm x 420 mm, 3mm hard foam board, direct print, with UV varnish, matt

without mounting

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Cross laser module

Technical data


Wavelength 650nm

Diode power 5mW

size 15mm x 68mm

Weight 15g

Batteries: 2x LR44 (included)


Class 1 laser product according to DIN EN 60825-1:2015-07

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Our obligation to inform according to the battery law

Used batteries do not belong in the household waste. You can return used batteries free of charge to our dispatch warehouse. As a consumer, you are legally obligated to return used batteries.


Batteries containing harmful substances are marked with a sign consisting of a crossed-out garbage can and the chemical symbol (Cd, Hg or Pb) of the heavy metal that is decisive for the classification as containing harmful substances:

  1. “Cd” stands for cadmium.
  2. “Hg” stands for mercury.
  3. “Pb” stands for lead.


DVDs on the subject of Microbiomes

  • Skin Microbiome
  • Oral Microbiome

DVDs on the subject of ImmunSymbiosis

  • ImmunSymbiosis – Immune Mediators
  • ImmunSymbiosis – Immune Cells
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