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Real fermentation vinegars


Our vinegars are genuine fermentation vinegars from the Hyma-Laya company in Kaufbeuren.


We attach great importance to traditional production methods:


1. Step: Make wine: grapes, fruits or herbs are fermented to wine
2. Step: after 6 – 12 weeks vinegar bacteria are formed
3. Step: after 8 – 11 months the alcohol is completely fermented to vinegar
4. Step: maturation in oak barrels for 8 – 18 months (only balsamic-style apple cider vinegar)


The real fermentation vinegar is not heated and at most coarsely filtered, is usually naturally cloudy and has so-called “streaks” (residues of the vinegar mother).


Young vinegar (up to 3 years) may still ferment under certain circumstances at temperatures above 22°C.


This method is the most tedious, but by far the best way to get high quality vinegar. Only in this way can real fermentation vinegar develop its full power!

Using the example of apple cider vinegar

The naturally cloudy apple cider vinegar is made from freshly harvested, juicy organic apples. After harvesting, the apples are turned into must, which is then fermented into vinegar at warm temperatures. This is called continuous vinegar fermentation.
To preserve the full fruit flavor, this fine organic vinegar is not filtered before bottling. The apple cider vinegar, naturally cloudy tastes wonderfully full-bodied and thus fits perfectly with crisp salads and, for example, Asian cuisine.

Like all vinegars, it is absolutely natural and neither heated nor sulfured. Thus, valuable enzymes and flavors are preserved in a delicious way. Cloudiness or deposits at the bottom of the bottle as well as possible flocculation do not mean a loss of quality. Quite the contrary! They indicate the natural production method of this organic product. So-called “vinegar nuts” can simply be sieved off and the vinegar can continue to be used normally.

Our vinegars

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Diptam Elixir
  • Fennel vinegar
  • Thyme vinegar
  • Wild garlic vinegar