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ImmunSymbiose Basis Course 1

For therapists, patients and all other interested parties


Thematic contents


    1. The complex chronic patient in the 21st century – laboratory values super, nervous system CT or MRT inconspicuous, massive exhaustion, pain, neurological symptoms, sleep problems, no more tolerance, nervous system irritated to the limit
    2. Chronic, year-long immune system overreactions, especially to streptococci and staphylococci, frequently since early childhood

  • Immune reactions to viruses and retroviruses
  • Immunocexcitotoxicity
  • in combination with mild skull-brain-trauma – the perfect storm
  • CTE Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
  • Immune reactions to molds and mycotoxins
  • Chronic inflammation of the nervous system
  • Inflammation in the jaw, sinuses, tonsils and ear area
  • The detailed anamnesis since conception and the red thread in the life of the chronically ill patient
  • The lack of natural immunosuppression after a “normal” birth
  • How does lyme disease fit into this picture?
  • Solutions from inflammation and immune system combat to immune symbiosis
  • Regeneration of the nervous system, brain.
  • Development for humans and microbes
  • What do microbes do in our organism?
  • Why the symbiosis was lost
  • Strategies to get complex chronically ill people out of the zero tolerance corner
  • Immune System Modulation
  • Effect and application of frequency chords
  • Case Studies from the SophiaHealth Institute, Protocols and Course of therapy
  • PubMed studies on all topics
  • How do we protect our children?

Immunosymbiosis is a complex model for the development of chronic diseases and solutions. A test method such as kinesiology for the application of immune symbiosis strategies is advantageous, but not absolutely necessary.

The contents of this course can be integrated into any therapeutic practice or serve as self-help for patients and other interested parties. Special previous knowledge is not required.


It is not necessary to read the book “ImmunSymbiose” before the beginning of the seminar.


The protocols to our case studies from the SophiaHealth practice preferably contain the products of SophiaViva, which were developed there especially for the treatment of these patients on the basis of the research there.


The seminar will also explain the mode of action as well as the production, composition and scientific background of the products used.


Thus, the principle of immune symbiosis can of course also be integrated into a treatment with other means independently of SophiaViva.


This course does NOT teach contents from the curriculum for methods according to Dr. Klinghardt (ART Autonomer Response Test, PK Psycho-Kinesiologie, MFT Mental Field Techniques), unless they are already mentioned in the book “ImmunSymbiose”.


Courses for SophiaMatrix and ImmunSymbiose are conducted by SophiaMatrix® UG (limited liability). For questions regarding training in the methods ART, PK and MFT according to Dr. Klinghardt, please contact the INK Institute for Neurobiology according to Dr. Klinghardt. These INK courses are NOT a prerequisite for ImmunSymbiose or SophiaMatrix seminars.

ImmunSymbiose Basis Course 1

11. Bis 13. Oktober 2019


Beginn Freitag 11. Oktober 2019 14°°

Ende Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2019 16°°



Kosten für das Seminar: 480,00 €

Im Seminarpreis enthalten ist ein Buch „ImmunSymbiose“.

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Seminarleitung Ariane Zappe

Gründung und Leitung SophiaHealth® Institut Kaufbeuren

Geschäftsleitung SophiaMatrix® Training UG (haftungsbeschränkt)


Seminarort Kaufbeuren

DAV Sektion Kaufbeuren-Gablonz e.V.
Buronstraße 99
87600 Kaufbeuren
zur Webseite des DAV Kaufbeuren-Gablonz



SophiaMatrix UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Am Kaisergraben 21
D 87600 Kaufbeuren

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ImmunSymbiose Basis Course 2

Date to be published as soon as possible

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  • light lunch on site

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  • good mood
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Seminar Location DAV Center
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Travel and Accomodation


Munich is the most popular airport but also check Memmingen which is closer but much smaller.


From Munich: Bahnhof Kaufbeuren is the nearest station and is around 1,5 hours away from Munich airport via Munich Central Station (Hauptbahnhof). Take the S8 or S1 to Munich Central Station and then take the Regionalbahn to Fuessen (exiting at Kaufbeuren).


From Memmingen: take the train to Munich and exit in Buchloe and take the train to Kaufbeuren.

Hire Car / Taxis

All the usual companies (Sixt, Avis, Eurocar, Budget etc) are present at both airports.


Taxis are always available at the Kaufbeuren train station.


For the seminar location please use the parking lot of the DAV, on the OPPOSITE street side (opposite from the huge climbing facility).


For SophiaHealth Institut downtown Hafenmarkt 12: You find parking at Buron-Center (V-Markt, Address: Josef-Landes-Strasse 38, 87600 Kaufbeuren) or the parking garage Parkhaus beim Kunsthaus (Address: Alte Weberei 5, 87600 Kaufbeuren).


In front of the office building you find parking space for disabled. There is parking in the centre but for short term parking only (60 minutes).


There a huge variety of hotels, apartments and guest rooms available in downtown Kaufbeuren, about 2,5 kilometers from the seminar location.

Hotel am Turm (Downtown, about 2,5km)

Josef-Landes-Strasse 1, 87600 Kaufbeuren

Hotel Goldener Hirsch (Downtown, about 2,5km)

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Old Town Apartments (Downtown, about 2,5km)

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