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New Frequency Chord for CTE and Immunoexitotoxicity

New Frequency Chord for CTE and Immunoexitotoxicity

We used neurotransmitters that are released during immunoexcitotoxicity, as well as modulators of cell receptors for these neurotransmitters and remedies we found research to suppress the release of these neurotransmitters as ground substances for the frequency chord “Immunoexcitotoxicity”. We use this frequency chord since November 2018 and we are amazed about the effectiveness. Just recently we had a little ADHD boy in our clinic, who, within 10 minutes after being exposed to the frequency chord began to lie down on our bench, relax and observe us working.

Everyone of our little patients on the autistic spectrum is now using this frequency chord, and a lot of them show reduced aggressivity, less hyperactivity, less stereotype behaviour and more attention and eye contact. Of course always together with the rest of our treatment plan.

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