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CTE and Immunoexcitotoxicity

CTE and Immunoexcitotoxicity

With our latest patient, suffering from neurological symptoms and behavioural changes after a physical head trauma, I started to research in PubMed to better understand, what happens in the brain after such an impact.

It was the night from Thursday to Friday – research from 8pm to 1:30am in the morning, when I had to force myself to go to sleep for may own brain’s health – when I found astonishing puzzle pieces for our understand and treatment in the clinic. All of that was tested with the patient right away Friday morning.

20 pages of studies were the result with explanations and symptoms of CTE, but also most important solutions, ways to regenerate the brain. I will publish them as soon as possible.

Symptoms vary from all kind of neurological problems, often speech and swallowing process are impaired, but also behavioral changes like (vocal) aggression or depression and devastation and cognitive disturbances and are often misdiagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis or ALS.

CTE is officially only seen as a consequence of multiple traumas like the NFL football players.

But what I see is different: the trauma can be the last impuls, starting a cascade of immune overreaction in a brain, that was in an alarm state for decades due to chronic immune reaction to infection (see new blog: Alarmine), electromagnetic waves, concussion traumas before, toxins from jaw bone infections or root canal teeth and all the other stressors of our days. The cascade is expelling a lot of neurotransmitters, which overexcite the nerve cells until they finally die – a process called Immunoexcitotoxicity.

I texted to a couple of our patients at 1:30am, before I went to bed, sending them the new insights I was gaining and what they can do to follow that path, because I remembered concussion in their anamnesis, which I underestimated, when they were at the clinic.

Today, 5 days later, I developed a new frequency chord to reduce Immunoexcitotoxicity – using different substances that modulate glutamate, the glutamate receptors and other pathways that get out of control once the immune system started firing.

By the way, the changes in the brain structure due to CTE cannot be seen on CT or MRI, only SPECT scan can show the impaired regions of the brain – or the histology after the death of such person.

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